Hitomi Goes Country - Scoreland - 08

Hitomi Goes Country

Hitomi Tanaka has a pair of iconic boobs that are world famous. The sexy Japanese babe has some all-natural 42H cups that are soft and squishy as she plays with them. She is from Japan but “Hitomi Goes Country” has her working out on the farm in the USA at Scoreland

When Hitomi was in Miami, she saw and got scared by alligators, panthers and other Everglades locals. This time superstar Hitomi goes country and spends the day at a stable in the California country. You can take the model out of the studio but you can’t take the model out of the model so she’d rather walk around the place and get her big tits out than be a stable hand. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Her hands are too delicate to pitch hay. Hitomi explained how modeling changed her feelings about herself. “I had an inferiority complex because of my big breasts. After I became a model, I lost those feelings about my body. I discovered that few girls have large breasts like me. I am proud of all of my modeling work and myself and I am always busy.”

Watch the full movie of Hitomi Goes Country plus many more of the bustiest ladies, including loads more from Hitomi Tanaka herself, at Scoreland.


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Sha Rizel - Tight Fitted Latex - 12

Tight Fitted Latex for sexy Sha Rizel

Stunning, slim and stacked Sha Rizel is so hot in tight fitted latex! The sexy untanned brunette from Ukraine has an almost gothic look to her with her raven-colored hair. Now, with her sexy curves squeezed into this kinky latex dress she looks a bit like a sexy Morticia Addams or Elvira. The dress is copper and black with a zip down the front and a kinky collar around the neck. Sha lets us see under the latex at her naked pussy upskirt and there are some nice downblouse angles at her massive jugs. But, it is her huge boobs that are first to come out of the latex dress…

When it comes to massive natural titties Sha Rizel has some of the finest, and biggest. At 32H they’re huge and very soft. They go perfectly with the supportive and restrictive latex. The latex clings to her slim yet curvy figure, hugging all her curves and displaying those amazing tits at their finest. Eventually she strips all the way out of the latex and the kinky collar is replaced by a seductive black bow around her neck.

Sha Rizel is a girl who loves to wear tight dresses, low-cut tops and tight skirts. Her skintight dress in this pictorial looks like a superheroine’s costume. She definitely does it justice.

See much more of gorgeous, glamorous and busty Sha Rizel at her official website: Sha Rizel Videos!

Sha Rizel Videos

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Sha Rizel lays on her back on the bed in Tight is Right

Tight is Right for Sexy Sha Rizel

When it comes to pretty-looking slim and stacked models with huge natural breasts, there are few, if any, finer than Sha Rizel. She is so pretty with her doll-like looks. Even before she starts to strip and her figure looks incredible in pretty much anything. Then, she starts to strip and jaws start to hit the floor. Her massive natural breasts are a perfect 32H and very soft-looking.

Here, the stunning slim and stacked Ukrainian beauty poses, teases and strips her tight dress in “Tight is Right“. She teases as she very slowly starts to remove the dress and you can see that as well as being slim and busty, she also has nice long legs…

A model like Sha Rizel knows what she looks hot in, and she looks hot in this striped dress. Short and tight is right. This is what Sha would wear on a night out clubbing or dining with friends.

What kind of reactions does Sha get when she’s dressed like this and out for the evening?

“They look,” she says. “They stare. Guys sometimes say things like, ‘Nice body,’ or ‘Nice breasts.’ Sometimes they don’t say anything, but I know what they are…

See much more of gorgeous, glamorous and busty Sha Rizel in “Tight is Right” and many more sexy strips at her official website: Sha Rizel Videos!

Sha Rizel Videos

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Demmy Blaze and her sweater puppies 03

Demmy Blaze and her Sweater Puppies

Demmy Blaze is a voluptuous and big-breasted babe from Scoreland. The big tit beauty from Ukraine has enormous 34H cups and a very curvy figure! Here she shows off her body by stripping out of a flatteringly tight sweater and a tiny pleated skirt.

While having a killer body and pretty looks, Demmy Blaze, like many eastern European models has a girl-next-door feel about her. She looks like she is very modest and is probably the kind of girl you’d take home to the parents. Luckily, you could have some fun at the same time as Demmy’s huge breasts will keep you occupied for a very long time indeed…

Demmy is an H-cup and her perfect naturals might even still be growing. Even before she discovered the webcam, Demmy already knew that she attracted loads of attention from guys and jealous glances from women. She was a waitress before going on the cam and a very popular one. “I wore a tight T-shirt and, of course, I got much attention. I have a small waist and big boobs. I think it is beautiful. “I like to wear two-piece suits at the beach. If I’m going to a night club in Odessa, I like to wear tight clothing to show off my figure.

If you’re not lucky enough to see Demmy blaze in her sexy bikinis at the beach or in a tight-fitting outfit in a night club, you’ll want to see more of her and her wonderful big natural breasts at Scoreland!


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Kate Marie

Curvy Kate Marie from Chicago is 23 years old, 5’4″ and her bra size is 36H. The sexy girl-next-door has been modeling for a couple of years already and has won a lot of fans with her fun personality and natural curves.

While our lovely and big-boobed new find Kate Marie is working as a StarBoobs barista in this scene, she actually is a tea lover.

Since she’s from Chicago, city of countless sports bars, she likes drinking games. “I drink Long Island ice teas, I drink wine, Irish car bombs. If I drink a beer, it’s probably Guinness,” Kate said. “There’s a really good drinking game we play. It’s called ‘Straws.’ You can have two or three or four people, and you all go to the same bar and usually you split up and you see who gets the most drinks for free, so you collect the straws from each drink. Then at the end of the night, you have them all collected and whoever has the most straws doesn’t have to pay for drinks for the rest of the night. I’ve gotten ten straws. I won that one by a lot. Everyone else had a lot less.”

Barista Kate makes a huge mess serving the pastry but not as big a mess as the mess in our pants watching her squish it between her fantastic, naturally big boobs. After cleaning up her naked knockers, Kate says she might as well take everything off. She must be a mind reader! Kate leaves her station and comes around to take off her little skirt, even tinier panties and high heels so she can lie back and enjoy her own fap-puccino break, dunkin’ some fingers into her cherry pie. She deserves a break today. As for us, we’re jittery enough just savoring the view of her soft and curvy cuteness.

“I can’t find many clothes to fit my chest,” says the brown-eyed brunette. See, we did look at her eyes. “Their size by themselves is an attention getter. However, tank tops have almost caused accidents in public. It’s okay to pay attention as long as folks eventually look up and talk to me and not my breasts. It depends on how they compliment me. The right way would be to make eye contact first, starting with a little conversation and then throwing that out there. That’s the right way for me, anyway.”

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Big boobed Joey Fisher slowly strips an underwired bra

Joey Fisher – Busty Welsh Glamour Model

22-year-old glamour model Joey Fisher makes her first ever appearance on the web at Hayley’s Secrets. This Welsh beauty has enormous 32GG breasts that are 100% natural and is 5’8″ tall with a slim waist and a very curvy figure.

In this photo set, slim and stacked Joey starts off in the classic casual style of blue jeans and a white t-shirt. The t-shirt is a little see-thru and you can clearly make out her underwired bra through the thin fabric. Then things start to really heat up when she starts to strip…

This stunning model, Joey Fisher, is from a very small town in Wales and is fairly new to modelling. She made her debut in modelling with magazine appearances and quickly transitioned to the web where she made her first appearance at Hayley’s Secrets. As well as her cute smile and hourglass figure Joey bring something new with her sexy personality and huge, natural breasts.

See more of Joey Fisher, the gorgeous new glamour model from Wales, at Hayley’s Secrets!

Hayley's Secrets

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