Natasha Dedov in Green - Cosmid - Huge natural breasts laying on back

Perfect Hourglass Figure: Natasha Dedov

As time goes on we see wave after wave of stunning amateur beauties appear on Cosmid, but none are finer than Natasha Dedov! The 28-year-old from New York is a full-time artist’s model, which means that she gets paid to pose nude while artists paint her or photographers photograph her. As such she may not be strictly amateur, but Natasha really is jaw-dropping! With her extra large 36DD breasts and slim waist she has the perfect hourglass figure. You can see exactly why she is able to take her clothes off for a living.

Not only is Natasha a sexy beauty with huge boobs that looks stunning, but this is also a huge photo set. You can see why the photographer couldn’t stop taking pictures of her! Out of all the different photo sets and videos on the website, this one is probably the prettiest. Natasha’s seethru lime green lingerie matches her glasses. The outfit is so bright as to be almost fluorescent and it hugs Natasha’s curvy figure perfectly while her nipples show through.

Again, here is what the photographer says about her…

When I first met her I got a huge first impression of a seriously intelligent and classy girl that was just easy to talk to and amazingly sexy. Then we started doing the first shoot and when she started to get into some more tight clothing I was just dumb founded. I mean this girl has got a body that is second to none. But then the more that you talk to her, the more you just fall in love with her personality. She loves to ballet dance, she collects vintage lingerie (seriously) and furniture and is just a true gem.

With her pretty face and amazingly curvy body, Natasha Dedov has a very classical feel to her. Her tied-up hair and sexy red lipstick add to the timeless beauty of her. You can imagine Natasha posing for any of the famous painters throughout history. Then, when she starts to slowly strip off her seethru lingerie we really get to see her amazing boobs. Her nice full, round natural breasts are from another planet! Natasha Dedov really does have the perfect hourglass figure! And, with her huge full tits she is a boob-lover’s dream!

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Vallory's Workout - Valory Irene - Cosmid - 11

Vallory’s Workout

Valory Irene features in this sexy outdoor striptease at Cosmid under the name Vallory. Her name may be different but there is no mistaking those curves or those perfect breasts. Valory’s all-natural tits are 34G, or they’re sometimes described as 34F due to hormones making them swell and deflate. Whatever size they are, they are huge! Valory Irene is an amazing example of a slim and stacked beauty. Apart from her obvious boobs, she has a slim waist, flat tummy and a nice big bottom that looks great in these black yoga pants in “Vallory’s Workout“…

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Adriana Caro at Cosmid 14 - amazing beauty

Adriana Caro at Cosmid

Adriana Caro at Cosmid is a true amateur beauty from Canada. The sexy brunette is slim with long raven hair and deceptively large breasts. When she is wearing a bra under her clothing you can’t really tell how big they really are! So, it’s fortunate that she takes off that clothing and that bra and shows us those wonderful boobies in all their glory.

The Cosmid photographer says this about sexy, slim-and-stacked Adriana…

She is very smart and just a lot of fun to talk to. The other thing is that is really amazing about her is this girls chest. I’ll just say it… it is my favorite on the site. I have used the phrase before with girls… she is sneaky large, and the shape is just perfect. Now lets allow that to take away the other amazing things about this girl, but it sure is nice. She loves cooking, reading and traveling and is just a delight to be around, this is a true girl that is top notch in just about every category, Once of the best girls I have had the pleasure of working with.

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Samantha Jay

Petite 19-year-old Samantha Jay is a lovely amateur model from New Jersey who is also known as Shyloh. Her 32F-24-30 figure is very slim and those 32DDD (or 32F) breasts are slightly saggy but still very perky and firm-looking.

Amazing Samantha Jay is in a nice tight tank top, and then the lovely addition of a little water always makes stuff a little more interesting. Her hard nipples poke through the wet t-shirt and her big natural breasts are held perfectly by the skimpy semi-seethru clothing. Then she peels off that wet vest and lets us see her lovely moist breasts and tiny waist with tattoos on it. Sexy amateur topless posing!

This is Samantha Jay who is just an amazingly cute and sexy 19 year old girl from New Jersey. This is the first time that she has been on any site and she is just perfect. I also will tell you that it was a member that first told me about her and gave me some contact info for her, that was about a year ago and we have just been working and emailing and trying our best to finally get her here and it has finally happened. I hope that you enjoy her as much as I do.

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Anny Zemly - Big Natural Breasts - Cosmid

Anny Zemly’s Big Natural Breasts

Anny Zemly is an amateur model from the Czech Republic who was around 19 for her first shoot, she has lovely big natural breasts that look to be around a DD-cup.

It is pretty easy to get lost in Anny Zemly’s body, because it really is very nice, but then when you take a moment to look at her face you realize that this girl is really a knockout. I mean she is really pretty. Here she is stripping out of a nice colorful dress. She poses in and out of her dress and while she mainly poses topless, you get a sneaky peek of her shaved pussy under her dress as she’s not wearing panties.

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Introducing Emily Born - Cosmid

Emily Born’s Wet T-shirt

Emily Born (aka Kate Ballas) is a stunning 19-year-old with a slim waist and luscious big 32G breasts. She’s posed a few times for Cosmid, this is her first photo set, “Introducing Emily Born”…

From these photos Emily Born seems confident yet coy about fully revealing her amazing tits. As such, it is a very teasing photo set that shows you enough of her big boobs for you to want much more! The sight of her big boobs in that tight, wet t-shirt is something that just has to be seen! Her areola seem even bigger than normal and it is very sexy indeed.

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