Adriana Caro at Cosmid 14 - amazing beauty

Adriana Caro at Cosmid

Adriana Caro at Cosmid is a true amateur beauty from Canada. The sexy brunette is slim with long raven hair and deceptively large breasts. When she is wearing a bra under her clothing you can’t really tell how big they really are! So, it’s fortunate that she takes off that clothing and that bra and shows us those wonderful boobies in all their glory.

The Cosmid photographer says this about sexy, slim-and-stacked Adriana…

She is very smart and just a lot of fun to talk to. The other thing is that is really amazing about her is this girls chest. I’ll just say it… it is my favorite on the site. I have used the phrase before with girls… she is sneaky large, and the shape is just perfect. Now lets allow that to take away the other amazing things about this girl, but it sure is nice. She loves cooking, reading and traveling and is just a delight to be around, this is a true girl that is top notch in just about every category, Once of the best girls I have had the pleasure of working with.

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