Lottii Rose aka Delina G in Voluptuous at Femjoy - 04

Voluptuous Lottii Rose

Lottii Rose is a stunning model from England who is known as Delina G at Femjoy. Here, she starts off in nothing but a sexy blue top. The loose fabric hangs around her shoulders and is far too short to be a dress but she wears it by itself and pulls it down to protect her modesty. Lottii has an amazing pair of all-natural 36DD breasts.

Voluptuous” is probably her best photo shoot at Femjoy to date. Her previous shoots are really good and she still has the same incredibly curvy figure but here she really seems relaxed and happy to be showing off her sexy curves to the world. She has blossomed into a wonderfully busty beauty!

See more of stunning and naturally busty Lottii Rose at Femjoy (where she is known as Delina G).


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Natasha Dedov in Green - Cosmid - Huge natural breasts laying on back

Perfect Hourglass Figure: Natasha Dedov

As time goes on we see wave after wave of stunning amateur beauties appear on Cosmid, but none are finer than Natasha Dedov! The 28-year-old from New York is a full-time artist’s model, which means that she gets paid to pose nude while artists paint her or photographers photograph her. As such she may not be strictly amateur, but Natasha really is jaw-dropping! With her extra large 36DD breasts and slim waist she has the perfect hourglass figure. You can see exactly why she is able to take her clothes off for a living.

Not only is Natasha a sexy beauty with huge boobs that looks stunning, but this is also a huge photo set. You can see why the photographer couldn’t stop taking pictures of her! Out of all the different photo sets and videos on the website, this one is probably the prettiest. Natasha’s seethru lime green lingerie matches her glasses. The outfit is so bright as to be almost fluorescent and it hugs Natasha’s curvy figure perfectly while her nipples show through.

Again, here is what the photographer says about her…

When I first met her I got a huge first impression of a seriously intelligent and classy girl that was just easy to talk to and amazingly sexy. Then we started doing the first shoot and when she started to get into some more tight clothing I was just dumb founded. I mean this girl has got a body that is second to none. But then the more that you talk to her, the more you just fall in love with her personality. She loves to ballet dance, she collects vintage lingerie (seriously) and furniture and is just a true gem.

With her pretty face and amazingly curvy body, Natasha Dedov has a very classical feel to her. Her tied-up hair and sexy red lipstick add to the timeless beauty of her. You can imagine Natasha posing for any of the famous painters throughout history. Then, when she starts to slowly strip off her seethru lingerie we really get to see her amazing boobs. Her nice full, round natural breasts are from another planet! Natasha Dedov really does have the perfect hourglass figure! And, with her huge full tits she is a boob-lover’s dream!

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Busty Bullet Bra Babe - Mischel Lee - 09

Busty Bullet Bra Babe: Mischel Lee

Mischel Lee is the busty bullet bra babe in this sexy photo set at Scoreland. The sexy babe with huge 36DD fake tits from the Czech Republic looks hot in the 1950s style bra and retro lingerie. But, she looks even hotter when she starts to strip it off and show her curvy, hourglass figure and enormous tits in “Bullet Bra Babe“…

“Some men are more interested in my hair than in my boobs,” said Mischel Lee, who’s got her now-bigger tits encased in a bullet bra, the pointed bra worn to create sweater missiles in the 1950s. “I attract a lot of men because of my tits, but when they see me not wearing clothes, some men spend more time on my pussy. That’s good because I cum best when my pussy is licked. I had my pussy lips pierced for my pleasure. The men I meet love the jewelry and my hair almost as much as they love my big boobs.” Now that Mischel has bigger boobs than when she first appeared at SCORELAND, is her sex life sexier? “I think so. My nipples feel more sensitive. I like to look at them in my mirror more than before. I am more aware of my breasts now so I think because of this, and because they are bigger, I get more people looking at them. I think guys spend more time sucking and licking my boobs. They play with them more.”

See more of busty bullet bra babe, Mischel Lee, in the movie and photos at Scoreland, where you’ll also find many more heavy chested beauties.


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Kendra Sunderland and Ana Foxx in Kendra's Obsession at Blacked - 08

Kendra’s Obsession

Big-boobed Kendra Sunderland is back, this time she is seducing a tiny and petite black porn star, Ana Foxx in “Kendra’s Obsession Part 3“. It’s the latest part in Kendra’s sexual journey as she samples different hardcore pleasures while her voyeur boyfriend watches everything at Blacked! She has already fucked Jason Brown with her boyfriend watching, then she had a threesome Isiah Maxwell and her hot girlfriend, Jillian Janson. Now, she’s taking interracial sex to another level by seducing sexy black babe, Ana…

Since Kendra and Ely have opened up to their fantasies, they are living them out every chance they get. On another sexy photoshoot together, Kendra gets to work with Ana, a beautiful lingerie model who she finds herself instantly attracted to. Knowing that Ely loves to watch her in action, after the shoot as finished, she goes into the back room with her knowing what is on the cards. All that’s left to make it perfect is for Ely to join them and watch the show.

The contrast between pale, slim and stacked Kendra, and tiny, dark-skinned ebony hottie could not be more visible. Kendra even has a triangle of hair above her pussy, while Ana has a cleanly shaven pussy. Ana is not as busty as we are used to here but it is nice to see a scene with a hot big tit white babe and a small-breasted black babe. Kendra is one of our favorite pornstars and this is a lovely lesbian scene.

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Ashley in 'Thinking About You' 10

Thinking About You

Ashley (aka Ashley Spring) looks stunning in the latest in this new photo set at Femjoy. She starts off looks pretty but humble, in what looks like a peasant’s outfit. She could be Cinderella dressed up in rags! Her hair is a little messy but she is very pretty and she just happens to be wearing quite a simple and dowdy outfit. But then the magic starts to happen and Ashley starts to strip, showing off her truly amazing hourglass figure. Ashley is a sensation brunette who is slim and stacked and very beautiful. These photos come from “Thinking About You“…

With her curved hips, slim waist and large bust you could not get more of an hourglass figure than the amazing body Ashley has. Her huge 36DD breasts are perfect and natural. In fact Ashley is a gorgeous natural wonder!

For more of these simple yet very beautiful photos in their full size and full resolution you can see more of breathtaking beauty Ashley Spring and plenty more gorgeous models at Femjoy.


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Bae Watch Babe Kendra Sunderland

Bae Watch Babe Hardcore

Beautiful Kendra Sunderland stars in this “Bae Watch babe” hardcore. We’ve previously seen sexy Kendra here but now she has gone from blonde to brunette and looks amazing! With her all-natural 36DD-25-35 figure pretty Kendra Sunderland would look good in anything, but in a sexy “Bae Watch” swimsuit and shades she is the perfect fantasy life guard!

Here she is swimming in the pool when she meet’s her father’s friend and notices he’s checking her out it is not long before she has seduced the older man into fucking her tight pussy…

Seductive Kendra talks us through her admiration of her father’s friend and how long it’s been since she’s seen him. He didn’t notice her before but now in her tiny white bikini in the pool she looks stunning, he can’t keep his eyes off her perfect body. Kendra is thrilled but just teases him and bides her time, waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Eventually they are alone in the house so Kendra puts on a sexy little dress and goes to work on the next stage of her seduction plan. She joins him on the couch and quickly unzips her dress, showing her perfect breasts. Soon they are embracing and kissing and it’s not long before Kendra is begging to suck his cock. The gorgeous teen makes the old man rock hard and he thrusts his big cock into her tight pussy hard and fast, making the sexy beauty squeal.

This very sexy and beautiful hardcore scene with stunning Kendra Sunderland is only at Vixen!


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